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Eid Al-Fitr Party 2010

On 17th July 2010 Yemeni Community Association (YCA) celebrated its formation as an association in Greater London and the celebration of Eid Al Fitar. The festivity was held at the Stowe Centre, in Harrow Road in central London. All Yemenis living in Greater London were invited to this joyous occasion. There was an incredible response and over three hundred Yemenis and their families attended. The celebration featured opening ceremony speeches from the YCA chairman Miss Nazik Al-Shuaibi and other dignitaries, there was traditional Yemeni music for people to listen to and dance to, traditional Arabic food and two ceremonial cakes. Families enjoyed the excitement of a raffle prize draw, where many very exceptional prizes were given out, courtesy of Mr. Nassar.

Also present at the celebration were His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Taha Mustapha the Yemeni Ambassador in Britain, Mr. Mohammed Al-Afif the Yemeni Consul in Britain, Mr. AbdulKader Aiyth under Secretary for Expatriates, Mr. Mohammed Lahtumuna Representative for Yemeni Expatriates in Britain and Mr. Attalah Saeed Chairman of the Arabs Associations in Britain. As well as many Chairmen and Representatives from various Arab Associations.

It was an amazing and highly successful celebration with a wonderful turnout and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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