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Support the Asylum Seekers

The Yemeni Community of London pulled together this autumn to support the asylum seekers who came over by boat this summer. Thanks to Rafah Charity who gave us 2 pallets full of new items; to Radwan and his family who sorted out over 20 asylum seekers at their own expense; to brother Asgar who brought loads of sanitary and other supplies; to the husband and wife team from west London; to the friends who brought their donated items from Slough; to the beautiful sisters Shirin and An’aam who worked like soldiers without a whisper of complaint; to the hospital consultant who drove down from Sheffield with a car full of the most useful donated coats and clothes imaginable; to the kind donor who gave over 30 prayer mats and enough copies of Koran to distribute to all who wanted one.

Thanks to our friends Waleed Ali and Abdullah Rafiq without whose cooperation it would have been impossible. Final big thanks to our chair @Nabeel al Hersh who made a great effort to support the asylum seekers and was so helpful to everyone involved, especially to me. I’m sure I’ve missed some people out - including friends and neighbours who never fail - but your collective efforts made all the difference.

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